Sailing with Skin Protection: WINGS

Sailing with Skin Protection: WINGS

We're thrilled to announce an exciting partnership that combines our passion for skincare with the spirit of adventure - Gun Ana is a proud partner of the Swedish Female Sailing Team, WINGS. 

WINGS has been sailing as a team since 2007 and has won the Women's World Championships twice as well as many other international championships! As experienced sailors, the team knows the importance of keeping their skin protected on the water: 

"For me, there's no better sport than sailing. It's a discipline that demands quick decisions, physical strength, knowledge of weather and wind, and above all, excellent teamwork within the crew to make the boat go as fast as possible. Wind, saltwater, sun, and rain - each day on the water is naturally a strain on the skin. The water reflects the sun's rays, and effective sun protection is crucial. After many years with several different brands, we're so pleased to have met Sigrid and Kajsa at Gun Ana. Their products really work, and between each race, we replenish with the UV Stick that's always in our life jacket. Finally having a facial sun protection that doesn't clog the skin is also very comforting. I'll never switch from Gun Ana!" - Anna Östling, Team WINGS 

On top of sailing, WINGS has started working with junior athletes to help them boost their careers both as athletes but also stepping into the business world. Their aim is to help young athletes take the relevant steps in order to further their careers. 



As a proud partner of WINGS, we're dedicated to providing them with the best protection under the sun. Our SPF products are specially formulated to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, offering broad-spectrum protection and nourishing hydration for skin that's as resilient as it is radiant.

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